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STPI in collaboration with Govt. of Karnataka has set up a Semiconductor Measurement Analysis & Reliability Test (SMART) Lab at Bengaluru. A first-of-its-kind initiative driven by STPI to enable startups and semiconductor companies to test their chip designs locally and reduce product design cycle and operation costs, SMART Lab is equipped with the latest high-end Semiconductor Test, Measurement and Reliability Test equipment and is aimed at supporting the growth of Electronic and Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) companies in India.

For operation and maintenance of SMART Lab, STPI has engaged Tessolve Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru, an ESDM company, as the operating partner, which facilitates highly skilled test engineers.

SMART Lab is equipped with the latest testing, measuring & reliability equipment. SMART Lab has the following equipment, which can be booked online for availing the services.


  • Vector Analyser
  • Power Supplies
  • DMM
  • Oscilloscope
  • Spectrum Analyser
  • Pulse/Arbitrary Function Generator
  • BERT Scope / Clock Recovery
  • Audio Analyser
  • Logic Analyser
  • Pulse Generator
  • Eqpt Integration & ATE interfacing


  • CDM
  • Thermo-stream
  • ESD/LU
  • Analog Resources
  • Burn-in Oven (HTOL)
  • UV Eraser
  • Bake Oven
  • Decapsulator
  • Device Power Resource

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STPI SMART LAB is operational since 20th December 2017, and the following 40 ESDM companies are availing the services as on 30th April 2022.

M/s. ICON DAPL, M/s. Intel, M/s. H-Micro-Life Signals, M/s. ARM, M/s. Cadence, M/s. Analog Devices Inc, M/s. Sandisk, M/s. Tessolve Semiconductor, M/s. Coyote, M/s. Signal Chip, M/s. HCL, M/s. Texas Instruments, M/s. ABB India Ltd, M/s. NXP Semiconductor, M/s. DXCorr, M/s. Rambus, ISAC-BNG, M/s. Huddly, M/s. Accord, IIT-Delhi, M/s. IME-Singapore, M/s. Adventura Technologies, M/s. IQ-Analog, M/s. Invecas, M/s. Avench Systems, M/s. Sankalp Semiconductor, M/s. Robert Bosch, M/s. Silaana, M/s. Oivi, M/s. Qualcomm, M/s. ON-Semi, M/s. Rakon, M/s. SiliconcH, M/s. MINDA-Pune, M/s. Mobismart, M/s. Infineon_Cypress, M/s. Maxim, M/s. E-Peas, M/s. Mahindra Electric, M/s. Avalon Technologies.



Software Technology Parks of India - Bengaluru

Tel. No. +91-80-66186000 / 6618 6136

Fax No.  +91-80-2852 0958

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Tessolve Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd.,

Plot No: 31 (P2),

Electronic City Phase II,

Bengaluru - 560100,

Karnataka, India.

Tel : +91 80 41812626

Fax : +91 80 41 20 2626

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